Hi, I am new to the forums, been playing Cataclysm for about 3 weeks. Gotten the hang of it, so thanks for making DDA!

Okay, so, the light-step thingy in the character creation menu has purpose: To provide some stealth.

But what I would love to see, is being able to bind a key to the keyboard to crouch, or go prone. Crouching behind objects would make what is in front, behind, or to your sides invisible, and therefore you can’t see it. But, your enemies can’t see you either.

Going prone (lying on the ground) could affect your aiming with firearms, or you can use it to avoid lines-of-sight. This would work as crouching, behind objects, and unlike crouching, you can prone behind a window to avoid being seen.

Thanks for reading this, and also, please take the time to leave suggestions.

I hadn’t thought of crouching. That sounds like a feature that should be a game like this. I know a sprint mode has been discussed but I want to crouching behind a car, or crawl along a low wall wondering if I got down before I was seen and not knowing if when I stand up at the end I’ll have a whole mob that was shambling toward me.

Also I think lightstep was mostly used for dynamic spawn (besides avoiding traps of course).