Suggestion: Small Ponds in Forests

I bet this has been suggested before years ago, but its still something I would like to see.

I just would like to see some ponds sprinkled sparsely around you know? kinda like the one you sometimes see in a farm field.

I think it would make sense forests generally need a good water source to thrive.
On a game related note sometimes I find myself on generated maps with not a river anywhere nearby, and maybe they could have some small fish spawn in them too.

Maybe make it like a building, or even added it to campsites. hell maybe if you’re unlucky the pond will have some zombie swimmers or a undead fisherman in it. Billy and his friends go on down to the Ol’ swimming hole… and then the cataclysm hit.

There are already pond locations, but AFAIK they are rare, very very very rare.

The only pond I have ever seen is the one on the ranch, and I’ve played this game QUITE a bit.

Though there are occasionally bits of R (of either color) that clearly aren’t part of a river… I always chalked assumed that was some kind of mapgen error. They are pretty rare.

Then maybe we should bump up its spawn percentage. seeing, as they may as well be more elusive than an Oasis in a desert.

Sometimes river and swamp spawn in glitchy way, but this can look natural and interesting.

i honestly wouldn’t mind a mod to blacklist swamps, they’re insanely common to the point of you probably have at least a handful of swamp tiles uncovered in every single game you play, even if you try to avoid them.

We need more ponds and smaller streams in general.