[Suggestion] GUI, Item counting problem

I’ve been played CataDDA for two month.
and sorry about bad grammer. i’m not english speaker…

As myself, I’m PHP and C coder. but not C++…
(Yup. for hobby. making something like web page and basic algorithm.)

So, I want to share my knowledge about -

GUI, play experience of CataDDA, and it’s item counting system.
CataDDA’s GUI system is good. it’s well coded, and easy to understand.
but When it comes to crafting menu, things are going rough.
when you’re intended to craft 'CHEM’section, you have to scroll right 2~3 times.
maybe it’ll be fast for most person to scroll around categorys,
But when you consider longer survival and settle down, (mostly like on farm.)
you will be suprise that crafting screen is very slow.

I understand slowing problem is occured by two reasons.

A. there are too many items on one categoty.
judging which is available to craft and sort all of it WILL ABSOLUTLY SLOW. And I found a thread that we should make Sub-category. I’m strongly agree with that. it will make faster not only vanilla CataDDA, but also modded CataDDA. If you re-code category system, please consider this. and if available, please try to make sub categorys “not hard coded”. this game has vast possibillity, and people maybe wants to apply more sub-categorys. furthermore, shortcut for craft page (when you opened crafting page, if you press F, then move directly to food category or C for chemicals.) will be very good.

B. item counting system is too complicated.
I’m not saying that we should abandon "fresh time"system. but on many item, it’s too complicated like lead, gunpowder, bone like item. my suggestion is this. apply freshness system selective. here is rough thinking of my own.

  1. CLASS A : item that gets rot
    like food, Eatable liquids can use this template. BUT only on spoilable item like carrot, strawberry.

  2. CLASS B : item that don’t rot, but get crushed, dented (like steel frame, butcher knife)
    like equipment, vehicle parts that have durability point can use this format. but don’t over use this category! reallism is important, but are you sure that your game gets heavy because of dented bone or mangling sm.cardboard box? I don’t think so…

  3. CLASS C : item that don’t spoil or not crushed.
    dehydrated meat, sugar, flour are don’t spoil. why don’t we forget about fresh count and bound to one? current system works like this.

if you see sausage(20), actually system counted from
why don’t we make this sausage x 20?

this problem is much worse on lead or gunpowder.
it takes me over 3 secs to scroll craft page to page.

and when it comes to bone… when you see bone x 20, system thinks…
bone x 1
bone x 1
bone x 1
oh, here is bone x 1!
aww… another bone x 1
…my god…

And last thing is this. when you pick a strawberry, it usually comes with 7. if you intended to make jam. you should open up crafting menu 7 times. Nah, this is rather troublesome and can cope with it. but in ammo crafting, it’s really absuard.
if you want produce 9mm ammo, you need to collect : 50 casing, 50 sm.pistol_primer and 200 gunpowder and lead. since they are programmed to produce on bulk and this is very, very doesn’t make sense.

[size=14pt]If[/size] you make 1 round of 9mm ammo on
1 casing, sm.pistol_primer and 4 gunpowder and lead

and get input by player how much we should manufacture and calculate power use like this
1~25 round : press charge -1
26~50 round : press charge -2
… likewise…

and calculate manufacturing time 500 per round,
we can make craft process more user friendly.

OK. I’ll wrap it up.

  1. Can we make shortcuts for crafting category?
  2. I strongly agree with making subcategory.
  3. Can we make item counting system more efficient?
  4. Can we make crafting process by number based routine?

it’s all. thanks for watching this article.

I think that sausage thing depends on their birthday (the moment it was created).

As for bone, good point, and I think something similar has been raised on Git.

Number based crafting is definitely on the to-do list, as is stacking things in the menus that currently don’t. Subcategories is more in the “things we’d like to do, but are a little more difficult” area. Good flexible UI code is fairly difficult to make, and we’d need to rewrite the menu code if we wanted it to be able to handle X number of categories.

Thank you guys. I was wondering why I needed exactly 50 casings of bullet to make said bullets.