Could it be made so that when eating you stay on the same spot in the menu?

It’s a simple thing, but I really dislike when I want to drink some water from a massive list of misc edible nearby me and have to scroll back to it every time I want a second drink.
I could just pick it up, I suppose, but that’s somewhat annoying in itself and the 'E’dible button exists for a reason. It makes it easier to eat from stuff nearby for the most part, but it’s not quite as useful here.
Of course, you may run out of something that you were eating from, in that case, you could simply be bumped down a selection or maybe then you’d actually be shoved back at the top of the screen in that case. That’s a tad more acceptable.

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It used to work that way, and got broken a week or two ago, but I think this was fixed in a recent experimental build.


Okay, I’ll try that out, thanks