Suggestion: Acclimation of Weariness

With recent implementation and continued tweaking of weariness I thought it prudent to suggest something in regards to it.

If not already a factor, how taxing certain types of menial labor are, should probably be modified by one’s strength. As, for an example, dragging around the logs to build a raft would take more out of a 6 strength weakling than a 12 strength laborer or 20+ metahuman. Perhaps have nearby tools for assisted lifting play a role as well.

Additionally, certain traits and mutations could interact with the system as well. (Ultramarathoners like Anton Krupicka and Scott Jurek are good real life examples of people who can run essentially all day non-stop), and Insects like ants are great at working themselves to death. Traits / Mutations which negatively effect how fast you weary yourself could be added as well.

Not saying the suggestion is bad, but I think there’s a need to first adjust effort levels of tasks to something more granular than low/medium/high (where most tasks end up in medium, which seems to be a category for medium work for manual labor, rather than medium for all kinds of tasks).

Once the tasks themselves have been adjusted, adjustments to the weariness they produce can then be introduced. As indicated, hauling a log is going to be a lot more work for a weak character than a strong one, while e.g. running at least partially has the strength offset by a larger mass (it’s no coincident that top level runners generally don’t have massively muscled torsos and arms).

high tier athletes are able to push themselves to the limits specifically because they specialize in their particular athletic capabilities… put someone who can run all day in the water and i doubt he’d be able to swim all day, just as an example. the average cata survivor is just an average person.

that said… the implementation of weariness is a direct co-relation to calories burned, meaning, you do more work, you get more weary… its specifically to keep you from working yourself to death.

We already have a cardio systeem that improves your weariness thresholds as well as you stamina and stamina regen. But there are some oversights in the weariness system. Beside the issue of effort levels needing adustment is there also the fact that efforts levels just multiply your base metabolic rate to get the amount of calories you burn. The problem comes in when you realize that base metabolic rate is infleuenced by height weight and certain mutations. This leads to a tall character getting weary quicker than a small character this can get even worse once you factor in certain mutations that also increase metabolic rate or size.

i’m pretty sure that height and weight currently dont factor into anything with the weariness system… its just calories burned. (if you wanna point out in the code where it does so, feel free to prove me wrong.)

yes it needs work, but its being worked on.

the only mutations that would affect it is improved metabolism, because the faster you can eat, the more calories you’ll burn.

Well, I understand it is there to keep you from working yourself to death. But some mutations should allow that risk.

Height and weight factor into how high your base metabolic rate is. The base metabolic rate infleuences how quickly you reach weariness thesholds