Submenus in vehicle menu

I have no external numpad on my notebook, and using combination of “fn+k”, for example, to simulate pressing 2 and going south is really annoying. I can’t understand at all the logic of vikeys, so I mapped keys “j, k, l, u, o” to resemble default numpad keys 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 respectively.
The problem is in hardcoded hotkeys in vehicle examination menu. So I can’t remove any part of a vehicle without changing my “move east” hotkey from “o” to something else.
So what about some submenu in vehicle examine menu? By pressing “Tab”, for example, we can switch from vehicle parts’ examination submenu to possible vehicle operations submenu. So first we select vehicle part of interest, press Tab and then select what operation we wish to do with this part.

Or maybe I’m complicating things and you just can make a changeable hotkeys for vehicle operations?

yea let’s go for the 2nd one :slight_smile: