Stranger Things, as CDDA prelude? (Spoilers for both)

I’m currently watching the S3.E6 of Stranger Things, and I have to ask, is it just me or am I watching the prequel to CDDA?

Feels an awful lot like The Underside is where the migos and fungus come from.

kind of maybe, since the mindflayer portraited on the series, works almost like the blob on CDDA. or should be the other way, since CDDA came before the series (not the mindflayer thats way before CDDA)

Right, and the way different nation were all competing to harvest and then utilize these extraplanar gates without ever pausing to think that something dangerous might be living in that side of it.

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Stranger Things directly borrows a lot of ideas and themes from Stephen King. Cataclysm does as well, but partially by proxy. As you may have noticed Cataclysm has a lot in common thematically with Half-life, which itself was inspired by King’s short story The Mist.

In The Mist the United States military performs experiments to open doorways into other worlds. This gate is where the Mist itself and the creatures that live in it come from.

Yeah, Duffel brothers fucking stole our intellectual property.

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