Story of Bob of Barnet

  p ~   w~
B   ~F   ~
  P ~    ~
  T ~   S~

B: Barnet
p: pump station
P: Pittsburg
T: Triffid
F: farm between rivers
w: dairy farm
S: Sweden
~: river

spawned in Barnet

got car at pump station

drove east across Pittsburg River
drove east across Sweden River

flaming eye
found bike at dairy farm on the west bank of Sweden River

led 14 zombie cows into a wasp nest

led triffids into southeast Pittsburg
cleared southeast Pittsburg

started living in a two-story house

day 71
portal storm

by day 75
wood axe
steel spear
sheet metal arm guards
sheet metal leg guards
sheet metal chest guard
charcoal kiln
soldering iron
Under the Hood

day 75
portal storm
fried human meat

day 76
northeast Pittsburg: mi-go, zombies

day 77
light industry
swords of samurai
ace torch
made smoked sucker marvin marrow

day 78
revisited pump station
ace tank
more man meat
Welding and Metallurgy

day 79
rooftop solar panel set up

day 82
found Rubik

day 83
crashed plane
farm supply store
hunting lodge

day 87

day 88
mansion in the south
made makeshift welder and plugged it onto the roof battery

day 89
mission anaesthetic
became a cyborg

day 90
gave inhalator to latina stern
recruited latina stern

day 1
made car Wheels

day 3
relocating to pump station
sleeping on the roof

Bob’s death is mysterious. His head kept getting damaged during the sleep. He was “very cold” when he died. He never woke up from the constant damage. Probably the wind killed him.