Bob of sterling

8 8 8 8
shower victim surrounded in city
cannibal, killer drive, masochist, stylish, optimist, spiritual, chemical imbalance, ugly, pyromaniac, strict table manners, squeamish


day 61

restaurant, zombies, zombie runners, wasp, zoo
escaped sterling, hunting lodge
mi-go, kreck, zombie soldiers, m27
found a hippie van, took the m27
bridge, radio tower, binoculars, turrets, 5.56, dairy farm, bike, pump station, set up base there

day 62

sugar house, country house, reading by a candle

day 63

speedway, marina, bridge, Surray: burnt a bandit’s house, zombies in fire, bandit fighting zombies
electronic store in surray: hotplate, camera, soldering iron, amateur radio illustrated
car battery
back to pump station: set up car battery, solar panel, water purifier

day 64

house in north branford: sponge and soup
backpack, wooden spear, found an electric sports sedan at orchard
get zombies from fema camp to stone barn: gas mask, infrared goggle, 5.56, MRE
light industry and triffids: ace torch, ace tank, triffid bites bob, bob runs it over with a truck, triffid gets into the truck, bob runs away
back to pump station, a small horde, get them into a bomb pit

day 65

light industry: file, chisel
light industry: hacksaw
lmoe: wood saw

day 66

hunting lodge: hatchet
hunting lodge: food
driving: 4
light industry: crucible
light industry and triffids: a history of firefighting, mechanic mastery

day 67

making spear shaft
found watertight sack
made knife spear

day 68

ducttape, made makeshift welder, drove sedan from orchard to pump station, cooked deluxe oatmeal

day 69

tearing down sedan

day 70

tearing down sedan
building Bobbike

day 71

building Bobbike
reading mechanic mastery

day 72

reading mechanic mastery

day 73

3:07 am, bright, full moon, building Bobbike
reading electronic circuit theory

day 74

reading electronic circuit theory

day 75

reading handloader’s helper, portal storm

day 76

sheet metal chestguard

day 77

sheet metal armguards and legguards, bitten by dermatik

day 78

couldn’t sleep due to dermababies in right leg, reading sew what? clothing
2 babies

day 79

killed dermalets, sleeping

day 80

stone from mine, built charcoal kiln, felling trees

day 81

felling trees, finished Bobbike

day 82

weight: normal
had condensed milk, conserved tuna, fried SPAM, reading sew what? clothing, more stone from mine
North Hero, triffids: gun store, kel-tec, clinic, anaesthetics
light industry: angle polisher
evac shelter: solar panel
evac shelter: solar panel
evac shelter: solar panel
junk yard: 2 solar panels 1 seatbelt
radio tower, country house, country house, eat, read, sleep

day 83

ants, zombie cows, 2 roadside bandits, bob wields m27, bandits wield wooden crossbow
FrozenFoxy, Bandit says: see you in hell! and runs away.
steel factory, railway, cut up for steel, returning base
makeshift anvil, oatmeal with milk

day 84

Terrie Bell: drop it! knifespear!
Bob refuses and invites him to join the team
Terrie Bell: Of course. I’m coming.
made spear strap, portal storm

day 85-87

drill machine, made anvil, steel spear

day 88

a cabin of ferals, got caught in bear trap, found wood axe, heavy crowbar, .22 blank
chemistry books from library in acworth
found rubik

day 89

heavy crowbar too heavy, made regular crowbar
set up lamp at base, digging pits

day 90

brought anaesthetics to rubik, installed cabel charger, power cell, took apart a metal desk and got 6 pipe fittings
made parkour bars at base, training parkour

day 91

training parkour

day 2-75

parkour expert, making chainmail, giant slug lays eggs just outside the metal grate of the pump station basement, made 50 doughnuts, built smoking rack, cooked beans and rice, 2nd smoking rack, more doughnuts, trying to catch a goat, too fast, hunted 2 ferals, smoked feral, mood: 8D, int and per +1, making platemail chestguard, 2 bandits Damon Chacon and Columbus Stinson, portal storm, set up freezer at base, smoked feral soldier, you hear “klang”(x6), the feral human throws a rock! the shot is reflected from your torso. You hear “Food!” 2 feral humans 1 feral spearman: 181.6 lb, Belkis Moss: I have a task for you. He needs patient record. animal oil (2816). Skull bowl “Columbus Stinson”. Scurvy. Eating cherries, plums, and mulberries. Finished chainmail sleeves, hood, leggings, and platemail chestguard.

day 76-79

set up charging station, reading

day 80

cleared north branford, the town north to bob’s base
refugee center, “I’ve killed it” Smokes gives bob 25 merch.

day 81

mission: missing caravan, zombie cows and zombie bulls killed bandits
big city Limerick, library: the historic weaponsmith, the sword of samurai, DIY compendium
ranch prospect

day 82

made lucerne hammer

day 84

set up lamp in the pump station basement

day 86

fighting zombies in hampton falls, a town by the big lake

day 87

brought home a down-filled blanket

day 88

126.8 lb feral meat from hampton falls

day 89

feral sniper, burnt his house but didn’t manage to kill him
at home, roasted marrow with pepper

day 90

60 doughnuts, took apart an automatic tractor, training throwing


day 1

made reading light, brought 5 solar arrays from solar park, charging station on the roof for Bobbike’s battery

day 2

made a water mill

day 3

made bike rack
grenade to feral sniper, feral sniper died, Bob’s torso:.…

day 4

eating pudding at home, had fish soup, feral paella with garlic powder

day 5

had doughnuts, evac shelter A-23 on river bank, Jacquelin Toney: This is my territory, assface! Okay no sudden movements. I have a task for you. Weather record. Bob investigated the shelter’s basement, smashed an empty door frame, the floor collapsed and Bob was trapped. Made a ladder and climbed out. Cleared sewage treatment plant by the river.

day 6

got a small truck from the now empty town North Branford, named it Bobwagon, loaded it up with everything at home and moved the base to the sewage treatment plant at the river’s mouth into the lake

day 7-8

unloading from truck

day 9

water pump

day 10

revisited marina
had some fried meatballs
weight: 262 lb
set up water mill
killed a water beetle, 2k sinew

day 11-13

built charcoal kiln at new base, felling trees, built 3 smoking racks

day 14

had instant spring vegetable soup, quest from dudley cortes: jabberwock
rubik: nightvision cbm, power cell Mk II
at home: battery mod for reading light, set up stereo

day 15

big city cohasset: books, weather transcript, 2 bandits marc rains and sheldon “loco” arthur fighting zombies
back home: cooked feral meat with salt and pepper

day 16

yes here it is! we’re friends aren’t we? jacquelin toney: of course, i’m coming along
made geiger counter

day 17-20

portal storm, made Bobboat, reading chemistry books

day 21-22

sound of steps, giant slug on the other side of the concrete wall, sludge seeping through…
Bob sailed in Bobboat from the river into the big lake
visited island cabins, lighthouse, freshwater research facility, brought some food back from the lighthouse, killed and dissected a few giant dragonflies

day 23-25

blocked the giant slug into the room with many pipes, reading books

day 26-29

gianna mobley wants holy symbol, had some apples, rubik: finger hack, alarm device, weather reader, finger lockpick, radiation remover, electromagnetic unit, more power cells, had cheeseburger, made chemistry set, electrolysis set, made fungicide, had feral haggis, making lye, had oatmeal with forest honey, making lye powder, made antifungal drug, reading, listening to music

day 30

more food from lighthouse, dissected zombie deer, learned basic biology, mansion, heavy composite bow, flu shot, las nueve reglas de la montante, the black snake

day 31-36

made electric forge, then zweihänder

day 37

weight: normal 256 lb
more solar arrays from solar park
danville: museum, the huge boomer slips and falls! (on its own sludge)
ichthys necklace, collapsible telescope, scrap yard: cristobal landry wants 25 magnetron, newton fay: 80 cattail stalks

day 38

2k sinew from a water beetle, fried liver with chili powder, reading

updated to new version, glitchy, playing old version again from day 39

made brioche, reading, dissembling microwaves, training hacking

day 41

cleared surray

day 42

got into hub 01’s garage with an e-jackhammer
1st hub mission, killed the robot with some shocker zombies, picked up some mre, going home, saw a few fungaloid north to cohasset, but no fungal towers in sight

day 43-49

killed jabberwock, recruited dudley cortes, it’s dark so they overnighted in a basement in north branford, portal storm, a spider came in and killed dudley! bob returned home alone, had some muesli, reading computer books, had curry with meat (chicken, not feral meat), had chicken paella, something is making noise! bob investigated around and found out it’s just the stereo that he forgot to turn off, reading more books

day 50

got turret frame from a canon in the museum of danville, killed marlossman and it’s just regular human meat, untainted by fungal, saw a marloss bible in the fungal shrubbery, killed an amalg brute who simply kept running to north, responding to neither sound nor smell

day 51

mounted kel-tec sub-2000 on Bobbike

day 52

sailed out on Bobboat
freshwater research facility: snapping zombie bites bob, zweihänder falls, bob breaks grapping, picks up the sword, runs upstair, and sails away
aircraft carrier, zombies jump into water, ferals stay onboard, 9x19, 5.56, arc welder
on the way home: skeleton master, feral spearman almost broke bob’s left arm

day 53

set up faction camp at jacquelin’s old base, an evac shelter in construction, posted him there
basement of sewage treatment plant is small and bob wants to dig a new basement by himself and starts at a place next to the plant’s fence, by the river
digging down by the river, grappling hook disappeared, jackhammer ran out of fuel, bob was trapped unterground in soil: digging down removes floor on level 0 but doesn’t remove wall on level -1, and bob can climb down right into the wall, when bob gets down and digs away another tile on level -1 and then goes there, he can’t moves back, as he’s blocked by solid wall, and he can’t climb up either, as there’s floor above

day 54

bob tries waiting there for a portal storm which perhaps can teleport him out or changes the terrain in a way that he can climb out
while he’s stuck there, he’s still automatically drinking maple sap from the basement of sewage treatment plant

day 55-58

i switched control to terrie bell
terrie got hammer from surray and started making pickaxe
he had to take 70 gummy vitamin and sleep as he had bad scurvy and was dead tired
snapping zombie visited, terrie killed it with lucerne hammer behind metal grate
making pickaxe, portal storm came, still had scurvy, ate 50 more gummy vitamin
sleeping, making pickaxe

day 59

finished pickaxe
terrie climbed down and shoved the pickaxe under bob’s feet and climbed out (terrie could climb out because he stayed at the very tile he climbed down to and didn’t move horizontally)
bob, now an NPC, says “i’ll be dead, dude, if i get no food”

day 60

control switched back to bob
bob digs, bob climbs out, bob is saved! bob shouts “thank you Terrie!”, terrie is sleeping on a chair
bob’s weight 248 lb

day 61-63

more mining experiment after this accident
cutting trees while e-jackhammer’s battery is charging, had spaghetti al pesto

day 64

relocate faction camp (not bob’s real base, which is still at sewage treatment plant) to southwest of surray, right next to the bandit house burnt one season ago

day 65

mining experiment

day 66

rubik, more cbms, left a body bag with dosimeter cbm somewhere and couldn’t find it
27F in stone castle, frostbite on arms

day 67-72

weight 249 lb, got jacquelin back from faction camp, experimenting with stairs, building ramps, made a balaclava, underweight 244 lb, smoking meat with 3 smoking racks: 221 smoked feral
when bob’s finally satisfied with the new basement that he has dug he looks up and sees the sky… the basement’s ceiling has collapsed some days ago and now it’s just a big pit
new basement project officially fails

day 73-86

reading, had cheeseburger, harvested 120L apples, bob: we’re friends, aren’t we? [50%], belkis moss joined the team, started making battle axe, DARPA hardcase retrieval, wasps killed zombie soldiers, south to refugee center found an LMOE with a working computer, reading files, camping in LMOE to train athletics, had some rose berries vitamin c 11400%, boiling water in front of LMOE, zombie horses, brought ranch prospect to smokes, athletic form master, reading drama novel in LMOE waiting for daybreak, dissected a skeletal horse brute, cleared a mine, experimented with making fire under ground, got trapped, made ladder and climbed out, found a gas station, bought welding rods from smokes with some of the gasoline, back to base, mac n cheese, made battle axe, killed a few ants, put the corpses in the sewer, waiting for amalgs to train anatomy, cocoons exploded and left insect samples, but no amalgs

day 87-89

reading, killed a dragonfly and did the corpse experiment again, set up fish trap, got fish, had fried fish

day 90-91

two amalgs woke bob up, despite that there shouldn’t have been any path from where the corpse was set to bob’s sleeping place
killed those anyway and dissected, had some fried meatballs
hunted more ants


day 1-4

cleand out a room with doors and metal grate for the amalgs, hunting, reading, sleeping, killing, dissecting, got some winter clothing from surray’s clothing shop

day 5

rubik, found the lost body bag just on the ground, installed blood analyser, dosimeter, storage box, max power 1150kJ, sold rubik two propane tanks
speedway, various welding goods

day 6-7

made a large storage battery, amalg escaped again, but how? yet more amalg dissection

day 8

simefirmi: why should i go with you? bob: i can protect you. simefirmi: of course, i’m coming along
cran at hub 01 wanted to kill the leech ferns
bob got a whole retirement camp’s zombies to the radio tower, including shock-proof shockers and a kevlar hulk, which were then all killed by those ferns
a few giant frogs joined the battle and were killed off very quickly
bob rode near to shoot at the queens, a runner came up and shocked bob and left his torso at …
bob rode away and went home with simefirmi

day 9-16

found a scythe, harvested corn, killed 3 dermatiks and dissected, made food dehydrator, processed corn, hunted ants, got a big tent, set up by the river, fishing with a simple rod, saw a camspy following bob home from hub 01, making faraday chainmail, more mysteriously escaped amalgs, dissection, terrie making nodachi

day 17

faraday chainmail took so long and bob decided to fight leech ferns with molotov
a fern shocked him and the lit molotov dropped next to him and the explosion broke his right leg
bob would be dead if he were standing on ground instead of riding on Bobbike
dead zombies reviving and being shocked to death right away
a frog came back as a frog mother and this turned the tide
it crushed through the runners and shockers and walked through fire to kill a queen and proceeded to finish off the queens one by one while burning until everything was dead and fire on its body went out and it was still at full health
bob then quickly rode away with his broken leg
bob: i’ve killed it
cran: i owe you one
back to base, terrie finished nodachi, bob making faraday chainmail

day 18-20

making faraday chainmail, left leg healed

day 21

catching escaped amalgs
rubik: infrared vision, smell concealer, max power 1450kJ credit 700+
killed an amalg brute, dissected
missile spider
set up a better revival room, more away from bed, put a dead spider there

day 22

spider turned into cocoon, which triggers alarm cbm although being immobile
put 50 dehydrated corn into water mill
portal storm
weight normal 259 lb
suddenly an acid amalg! torso …

day 23

the spider’s cocoon turned into an amalg and stayed in the revival room, then where did the one yesterday come from?
making faraday chainmail

day 24

scurvy, the max vitamin c storage in body is about one month’s amount
scurvy gone after two rose berries

day 25

checked water mill: 150 cornmeal from 50 dried corn
made cookies

day 26

moved base to another underground room of sewage treatment plant, made a few 1x1 wall-cart to block all access from invasion of escaped amalgs

day 27-29

finished faraday chainmail, making brigandinemail, hub 01, modular defense system, credit 508, Bret ‘Lock’ Staples says “Let’s dance!”
arduino experiment, japanese armormaking, long range shooting handbook, feral meat
overnighting in basement of newton faye, the cattail doctor

day 30

cristobal landry: bought nut and bolt, credit 96
met larry dobson who needed antibiotics
back to base, reading, making brigandinemail

day 31-40

three black bears have been loitering near a mine since spring, they’re still there, alive and unmutated
a man hit bob with a tire turner, bob killed the man
larry dobson: have you already somehow found any antibiotics?
bob: mission successful
larry dobson: thank goodness
bob: i can protect you
larry dobson: of course i’m coming along
back to base, reading, making brigandinemail
portal storm
stuffed liver with apple
fried liver

day 41

hub 01: HWP
Bret ‘Lock’ Staples says “See you in hell!”
then he suddenly drops a few things, including 25 hub 01 coins, bob picks up coins, Bret asks him to return them, bob refuses, Bret then suddenly turns neutral! bob asks Bret to join the team and Bret agrees
put 5 dead ants in the newly set up revival room

day 42

rubik: hydraulic muscle, head torch, max power 1650kJ
bought but not yet installed: taste modifier, sleep mode toggle
back to base: one amalg escaped!
grilled sweetbread, fried fish, listening to music

day 43

deluxe sandwich: cracker, chicken, mashed pumpkin, seasoned salt
more amalg dissection: 57% anatomy
making heavy towing cable

day 44-53

5 more ants into revival room, made heavy towing cable, reading, portal storm, 3 more amalgs, then 6 more ants, hub 01, found a hackPro in an evac shelter, santana wilkins needs patient record, 3 more amalgs, training computer to 7, making brigandinemail, more amalgs, anatomy 80%, two more solar arrays on roof, more ants and amalgs, baked beans

day 54-58

belkis moss felling trees on the edge of forest, bob reading autobiography of a mountain man on Bobbike, had smoked feral, learned amalgamation anatomy 100%! overweight: 280 lb

day 59-64

reading, made cattle carrier, portal storm, fix up Bobwagon

day 65

drove to the farm in the west, tamed a goat, put it in a barn

day 66-67

north hero: clinic, meteorolgist in a radio station
overnighted in an evac shelter
recruited hugh aldridge

day 68-71

reading, pickled feral, baked beans

day 72-76

rubik: leg plating, nictating membrane, max power 2450 kJ, credit 607, sleeping in an evac shelter, fighting in acworth, found some microwaves, a MP5 submachine gun, 1100 nails from a home improvement store in rindge, mansion, sleeping in an evac shelter, mansion, but no martial art book, brought goat to base, harvest 200 oat

day 77-79

found a life straw in a hunting lodge
hub 01, fsp 40x46mm, 100 round 5.56 magazine, hologram, modular helm, credit about 1000
robots for fun and profit accidentally crushed by Bobbike!
cleared Danver, no relic in museum
looking for basement gym
still from illegal brewery
burnt a dermatic mound
more feral meat
hunted a tusked moose, brought its skull back
feed hay to goat

day 80-81

had rice cookies
built more roof solar arrays
sailed across the lake
revisited lighthouse: telescopic fishing rod
north of lake: small town Plainfield on a delta, library, chinese arm and armor, arabic arm and armor, a copy of robots for fun and profit, cucina italiana
east of lake, south of lake, west of lake, killed a bandit, back to home

day 82-83

processing oat, had goat milk, reading, found out that the tamed goat still triggers alarm cbm

day 84

set up small tent by river, fishing with telescopic fishing rod
terrie making talwar
rubik: integrated multi-tool, inner climate control, finger lighter, infolink, max power 2550kJ, credit 311
luliya, the mysterious cyborg

day 85

north of lake, shop in plainfield: 7k nails
killed lashanda coyle’s zombie mother, persuade [28%], one more follower

day 86

led 12 mi-gos to a fema-camp
pump station: portable soldering iron
seboeis plantation: fungal tower in a hedge maze
back to home, terrie finished talwar
reading sd cards

day 87-91

hub 01, bought emp grenade
skinned the kevlar hulk at the radio tower, where leech ferns used to live
10 solar arrays for refugee center
drove to river, mi-go scout, fungaloids on river bank, mi-go shot fungals, bob shot mi-go
land between two rivers, albina epstein needed patient record, in total there had been 4 patient records to find
mansion, LMOE, revisited small town of Sterling where bob started his post-apocalyptic life, the wasp from day 61, spring, had grown into a giant wasp watcher
driving back to base, burning through northeastern cohasset, house by house
back to base, had feral haggis, training unarmed combat, drinking goat milk


day 1

burning through forest to make a shorter way to south
training unarmed combat, eating smoked feral

day 2

harvested some more corn, making moon shine wash
slaughtered fregatta fly, but no fat
hunting ants, harvesting fat

day 3-5

rubik, ethanol burner, face contorter, max power 2950kJ, credit 210
north of lake, fighting in seboeis plantation
east of lake, mansion, farm supply store, propane tank, gigantic mantis killed kevlar brute
bastion fort: black powder
back to base

day 6

drank goat milk, recruited Shameka Chapa near an LMOE, hub 01, bought 9x19mm JHP, credit 1882
millville: lab, too much zombies
research facility: many zombies, star vampires, chemical reference - classified, liquid ammonia, grenade, 2 smoke bomb
get home with shameka chapa, who has good stats and no bad traits

day 7-19

moon shine finished
burnt skeletal moloch and dissected
entered lab south to kennebunk
smoke, acid puddle, toxic gas, brutes, soldiers, scientists…
night crawler killed a shelled mutant
back home, had goat milk, terrie is making kukri
clearing kennebunk lab, suddenly talon m16, best delivery methode, pe023 “medical”, crc-merck handbook 4th edition, sorting lab loot, making funnel, hunting zombie deer, made 22 mutagen

day 20

attacked dermatik mound, 9 insect samples, 3 medical samples, battle axe was damaged when smashing paper wall
rubik: blood filter max power 3350kJ credit 24

day 21-26

making medical mutagen, raiding dermatik mound, 5 medical sample, learned invertebrate biology, creatures of flight, partially repaired one of bob’s platinum ring with platinum found in lab
1 medical primer, 1 catalyst: disease resistance, radiogenic, fast healer, normal human, stimulant psychosis

day 27-32

looking for welding blanket
roadside hulk, dissected 18% huge humanoid anatomy
dissected 3 ferals, no human sample
taking apart ovens
made welding blanket, then high temperature welder, repaired battle axe
rubik: gasoline burner, adrenaline pump, head plating, max power 3950kJ, credit 975
back to base, had feral pizza
hub 01, bought EMP grenade
steel mill, more carbonized steel for future axe repairing

day 33-36

east of lake, dennysville lab: dionne, x-|xp, pe070: “raptor”, beautiful springtime, much mutagen and primer, 10 power cells from cyborgs, autoclave, autoclave pouch 50, sd card xedra, 8 liquid ammonia tanks, nanofabricator, v29-pistol, boeing plasma rifle, rm103a magnum, rm51 storm rifle

day 38

rubik: glare protection lense, telescopic eyes, max power 4250kJ, credit 804
hub 01: ballistic helm, mantel, skirt, 2 emp, credit 1304
10 trog samples from giant worms

day 39

cerebral booster from zomborg

day 40

5 medical sample from dermatik mound

day 41

mansion, zombies falling through ceiling, dead tired, insta-coffee in cherry flavored condom

day 42

talons from gun show met bestial stalkers from fema camp, 20 bestial stalkers killed 2 talons

day 43

back home, 1 medical mutagen: pain recovering, infection resistance
vinegar finished

day 44

replaced mounted kel-tec sub-2000 with 5.56 AK
portal storm
set up autoclave in base
fixed up and packaged and cleaned power cells and cerebral booster

day 45

found church retreat, mission: 75 thorazine
flaming eyes in the field in the north
riverside house with 10 coffins
propane tanks, human samples, bird samples

day 46

no magazine for 5.56 AK, mounted AR pistol instead
tested hub 01 ballistic armor, not as good as faraday chainmail with brigandinemail
rubik: arm plating, cerebral booster int 10, improved memory bank, max power 5750kJ, credit 351
in the night cleared fitchburg, small town south to stone castle

day 47-48

fishing, got no fish sample

day 49

1 medical mutagen, no mutation
hub 01, bought 2 emp
dissected some leech ferns, learned electromagnetics

day 50

replaced faraday chainmail with activity suit and tempered chestplate
making chainmail leggings

day 51-55

1 medical primer, 1 cataclyst: fast pain recovery, poison resistance, infection immunity, radiophile, making more mutagen, had stuffed liver, made chainmail leggings and chausses, rubik: expanded digestive system, max power 6150kJ, credit 202

day 56-60

fighting in acworth
dissected zomborgs
dermatik mound
made chainmail hood
further sorting of kennebunk lab

day 61

1 medical mutagen, 1 cataclyst: pain resistance, parasite immunity
depleted phenotype
by now robust genetics remains the last pre-threshold medical mutation