Dave and friends

naked in burning building, 8 8 8 8, cannibal, killer drive, masochist, fashionable, optimist, spiritual, chemical imbalance, ugly, pyromaniac, bad liar, mood swings, strict table manner, squeamish

spring 60-78
wood axe, m4 carbine, hub 01 prototype cloak and skirt, police ballistic vest with steel plating, kevlar vest, army helm
cbm: glare protection, alarm, head torch
live in a country house by the road, surrounded by forest and swamp, two solar panels
made Davesrad, 1x2 ebike with offroad wheels and cargo space

day 79
found gun show
dermatik bit dave’s leg
burnt a fungal tower
portal storm

day 80
two baby dermatiks hatched

day 81
moved into the cave next to the country house, built makeshift bed

day 82
bought ballistic cloak
light industry: zombies, spiders, turrets
zombie soldiers fought triffids

day 83

day 84
found fire axe at fire watch tower
light industry, zombies vs flaming eyes vs wasps
found some solar panels and large storage battery

day 85
Rubik: infrared vision, weather reader, dosimeter, chronometer, AR system, head plating, throwing support, power 1000kJ

day 86
freezer and oven
cooked succotash from corn and lentil
collected leather patches and synthetic cloth patches

day 87-88
reading, cooking, sleeping, built smoking rack, charcoal kiln

day 89
hub 01: bought scout hood, ballistic helm, ballistic gamashes, advanced electronics, xedra card, killed two bandits, cut trees, made charcoal

day 90
Chandra Whelan shot at Dave with m14 ebr-ri, the noise drew some zombiewolves which killed chandra, dave picked up the rifle
cleared refugee center’s backyard
found a frozen lab
found anvil in light industry
missing caravan: 3 bandits vs 7 zombie deer, thanh brinks, one of the bandits, killing zombie deer with sledgehammer
saw some golden monolith

day 91
cleared two mines, got diesel and gasoline

day 1
rubik: finger lockpick
cleared a mine
killed loni the psycho

day 2
moved all solar panels onto the top of the cave
built stone forge

day 3
made axe ring holster, chisel, ambossschroter

day 4
woke up to a giant aphid
made the door cart to block the entrance, so that nothing can get in!
cleared a fema camp

day 5
hub 01: kinetic arm guards
cherryfield lab: nanofabricator, lab journal dionne, best delivery method, chemical reference, 37 mutagen
portal storm

day 6

day 7
practiced hacking with sewage treatment plant computer
subway station in senior community
killed 4 blank bodies, 128 demihuman meat

day 8
found a subway lab in new durham
rubik: calory tracker, power 1700kJ
threw a grenade at a fungal tower
recruited tanner ‘jafa’ garvin on a corn field
recruited reita conklin on the same corn field

day 9
reading books to tanner and reita

day 10
built parkour bars
reita made 20 glass bottles

day 11
training parkour
reita making tempered wire

day 12
hub 01: turnout skirt
got turret frame
training parkour

day 13
parkour expert
New Durham lab, activity suit, 3 alpha primer
portal storm

day 14
making lucerne hammer

day 15
rubik: telescopic eyes, power 2100kj
overnight in stone castle

daya 16
making lucerne hammer

day 17
made lucerne hammer

day 18
dave died down there in new durham subway lab, strangled by some zombies, pinned by some ferals…
now began the story of tanner ‘jafa’ garvins: 7 6 9 9, 5’7", age: 52, blue eyes, blond hair, light skin, tough feet, deft, infection resistant, outdoorsman, lactose intolerance, jittery, bad liar, animal discord, far sighted, skilled with handgun and rifle
jafa rode to the lab on a bike, shot the feral, a shadow zombie, a few zombie scientists, who killed dave, and brought up dave’s things
jafa found a pair of bifocal glasses in a hunting lodge
jafa ate some smoked feral but didn’t enjoy it!

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