Storage Battery Recipes issue

Seems there’s recipes for Medium and Large Storage Batteries, both fo which take Small Storage Batteries. However, there doesn’t appear to be a recipe for Small Storage batteries. If I look it up in the online recipe listing it’s marked as obsolete and is empty. This seems like an error, and a problem.

Is there aw ay to officially report this bug? Or am I missing something? If I am not missing something is there a work around until it is fixed?

Small storage batteries are not craftable by survivors due to lithium-ion batteries being far beyond what you could make by hand. You can only salvage the cells from existing batteries (the cells being named small storage batteries) and combine into larger units if applicable.

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It takes a ridiculous number of them to make a medium battery. But more importantly, the storage battery itself should be built of cells, not be a cell on it’s own based on how batteries seem to currently work. Well I know I’ll definitely never have enough storage batteries to make bigger ones. Oh well.

you only need to find a leaking storage battery, disassemble it and you get basically all the items

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