Small battery recipe - 0.C-12186-g26c1f77

I’ve noticed that for quite a few experimental versions now the small battery recipe is entirely missing. I just went through the recipe files and searched for its id but the only results were where it’s used in other recipes. I’m currently using experimental 4574, full version: 0.C-12186-g26c1f77. Another person on the subreddit confirmed it missing in theirs as well.

That’s intentional. You can’t make them anymore, they’re too complex.

You can find them by disassembling laptops, and bigger storage batteries into smaller storage batteries.

Frustrating, but alright.

Is there a list somewhere of objects that have recently been deemed too complex for fabrication?

Dude, as someone who has asked the same question and got used to fabricating small batteries, it is so much easier to dissemble storage batteries. A single storage battery from an electric vehicle gives 36 small storage batteries (I think). At least 24 (I think). It is so much easier than gutting a battery from another car, making lead plates, gather all the ingredients and all of the other steps involved.