0.C-10917-gff691e8 - Small Storage Battery cannot be crafted (?)

It seems as though small storage batteries have disappeared from crafting.

I am standing next to my bookshelf with 101 Crafts for Beginners, Advanced Electronics, Augmentative Tech Review 2041, DIY Compendium, Electronic Circuit Theory, Ham Radio Illustrated, Internal Combustion Fundamentals, Mechanical Mastery, Robots for Fun & Profit, and What’s a Transistor. My Electronics is 10, my fabrication is 9, and my mechanics is 8.

When I stand next to all of these books and open up the craft menu, I see recipes for medium storage batteries and storage batteries, but no small storage batteries. They seem to have disappeared, as I remember very easily being able to make storage batteries at earlier levels. Looking at CDDA Fusion gives me the following recipe below. My trapping is level 3 and my survival is 5, though I do believe that this is a bug as it seems like the recipe for a small snare trap. The recipe was missing from an earlier version (I do not remember which) but still persists in 0.C-10917-gff691e8. I git compiled and am using Ubuntu 14.04.

: small storage battery can be crafted with the following recipes
Skill used: traps
Required skills: survival(1)
Difficulty: 3
Time to complete: 8 minutes
Components required:

1x snare trigger
1x short rope

I believe that recipe was removed. You can obtain nearly infinite small storage batteries quite easily though. Disassemble a medium storage battery for small storage batteries. Disassemble a large storage battery to get the medium ones. Large -> several medium -> several small.

Haha, yeah, I just gave that a shot. I am so thrilled. Disassembling a single (regular) storage battery has probably just provided me with all of the storage batteries that I could ever want.

So much easier that taking apart car batteries and making small storage batteries.

The small storage battery recipe was removed in https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/commit/1bfe9b29dbf30a18ae9d0d071c51e875fa621fa5 , looks like it was intentional:

Other changes:

Small storage cells are no longer craftable. DIY lead-acid batteries are possible, but storage cells are something closer to modern Li-Po I think. Anyway, there is no point in crafting them when you can get 24 small cells out of one big storage cell.

Oh my gee. Well, I’m glad that I discovered this new, better way instead of the old way which was removed.

I… don’t even remember seeing medium or large storage batteries. I noticed that broken laptops contain small storage batteries, so that’s where I’ve been getting them (via disassembly).

Large storage batteries are simply storage batteries.