STORAGE BATTERY 190KG + minor stuff

  1. Found a storage battery thats 190kg.
    I am yet to see a giant battery that is all in one case - it’s ALWAYS a battery bank at that point.
    And yes, I know what a lead acid is supposed to look like, because I put a lot of time into researching solar power.

2.Bridges aren’t concrete for when you’re using rollerblades or rollerskates. Made a concrete ninja character, only to
die multiple times crossing a bridge, because the movement is 150 instead of 50.

3.Playing without tiles the screen is annoying, as it doesn’t always refresh like it needs to. I end up always pressing
I for inventory after some “Zed spotted, stop x?”, because i can’t even see my own @ character or his/her surroundings until
I move.

Simple, minor stuff. Important none the less.

Oh, and thank you for still working on this crazy game.

A large storage battery IS a battery bank. You can dismantle it into several medium storage batteries, and then dismantle THOSE into several small storage batteries each.

The screen thing is something I’ve noticed as well. If you’re playing without tiles enabled, the screen doesn’t seem to refresh properly when entering and exiting a menu, or when notifications appear onscreen.

They’re working on the ASCII updating. I found the best way is to use one of the nearby keys like Q, which you don’t want to be the suicide key anyway.

Then it needs to be called A BATTERY BANK.
Simple. A player would intuitively know that it is splitable.

Eh, it might be a little more intuitive that way, but it’s really not uncommon for multi-cell batteries to not be outright referred as such. Except in very small consumer electronics, single-cell batteries are the exception rather than the norm.

[c]losing an empty tile also works to refresh tiles that got messed up by a menu.

Then it needs to be called A BATTERY BANK.
Simple. A player would intuitively know that it is splitable.[/quote]

Or, you know, call it an “EV Battery”, and in the description state it is a large battery array used in electric vehicles.