"stop interacting with the vehickle" - anecdotic situation


interact involves the interaction, ie, the mutual action of objects or subjects to each other.
but, tell me, how can a car by his desire to influence human?
human, yes, can act on the car.

my propose - change “interact with” -> “act with”

In games, ‘interact’ tends to be a catch-all term for something the player can directly use or influence in the game world. It’s not the best choice of words, but it’s very common. ‘Act with’ is also too cumbersome in terms of grammar. I don’t ‘act with my computer’.
‘Use car controls’ is the safest bet but ‘interact’ sounds comfortable by now.

It’s kind of traditional to use ‘interact’ for that sort of thing, at least from what I know.

and thanks for remark.
so - i will know.