Mod request: Vehicle controls

Pick the controls of the vehicle automatically start the engine. But many times I only want to turn on the charger, fridge or the lights.
Mod request: Pick the control of vehicle dont start automatically the engine.

IF this is already in game and I dont find that, please, tell me, and dont be very cruel, just a bit.

If you press ^ (the button to take control of a vehicle) when not standing ON the controls for a vehicle (so standing next to the driver’s seat) it will ask for a direction. If you pick the direction of some controls it will open the controls interface.

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Maybe this is for curtains too? I install them for cover the front and cant interact.

You can also press “g” while standing on a tile with vehicle controls to bring up the headlight/minifridge/camera/turret/ etc… menu.

Curtains might just be the normal open/close buttons, o and c.

That help a lot!
Thanks for the answers.

You can also 'e’xamine the tile with the controls and it’ll give you the menu.

It is in the game, if you are driving already you can use (g) as BorkBorkGoesTheCode said, or (,) also works, and as Mantar said (e)xamining works also if you aren’t currently controlling the vehicle.

All of these keyboard commands also work for the Electronic Control Unit, as well, which allows you to access the vehicle controls menu from an additional seat.

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