"steel spear" missing on load

for some reason many times when I try and load up a game it gives me
DEBUG : spear_steel_npc is not a valid recipe

FUNCTION : void {anonymous}::recipe_group_data::check() const
FILE : src/recipe_groups.cpp
LINE : 52

it seems that the game is looking for a item that’s missing. anybody got the code I can insert to fix this problem or at least fool the game into thinking it exists?

Can you please upload your savegame somewhere?

As a player who enjoys restoration of old mods for personal use, that error is familiar to me.

That error means:

  1. There was a recipe in old version/old mod you had.
  2. Your character knows it.
  3. And either new version does not have said recipe, or your mod got deactivated.

You either have to add this recipe, or make your character not know it.It should be under somewhere “known_recipe” or something in .sav.

this happens across all save games on multiple worlds

My guess is that it’s the no medieval weapons mod. I have the same problem. If you don’t press i to skip and use the spacebar instead you will get error messages for what appears to be some of the recipes for the blacklisted weapons in that mod.