Stealth & sneaking

so i’ve seen the subject of implementing stealth and sneaking into the game come up from time to time, and how it could be done. well, i have discovered a game called Unreal World, which has it pretty well.

in UrW you can only face one direction at a time, and you do 1&1/8th turns using 4 & 6 on the keypad, 1&1/4th turns with 7 & 9, and about faces using 1 & 3. creatures and people have a little facing arrow next to them that shows which direction they’re facing, and you use the stealth skill to move around unseen, with a higher level decreasing the distance from which you can be seen while sneaking.

i think it would be reasonably simple to implement something like this in CDDA

We’ve discussed LOS stealth, and we said no.


Yes I remember a suggestion like this. The general response was that it would too clunky and would be more trouble than its worth.

How about sneaking without LOS? While sneaking you simply make less/no noise and monsters must be closer to you to actually see you, unless you are carrying a light source. Would be easy to implement.

Stealth is planned and should go in eventually, LOS is a no though, and has been discussed.

When is “eventually”? evil grin

When is “eventually”? evil grin[/quote]
As soon as someone wants to put in the time and effort to implement it. :stuck_out_tongue: As an open-source game our development schedule is highly dependent on who decided to implement something planned that week.