Stat discrepancy in between game stat window and json stat data

So as far as I can see it seems that the stats for guns on the in game stat screen is different than the json data for the same stats for example in game the 9mm pipe rifle has a dispersion stat of 12 whereas the json says its dispersion stat is 180 and this seems to be for all firearms. Was there an update to displayed data that I missed or is this a bug?

Originally JSON dispersion was divided by three to give existing items a reasonable dispersion and so that items could have values large enough to be distinct from each other while being coded.

The recent firearms re-balance increased the division to 15 (or so), making everything substantially more accurate, but not requiring that every item in the game have it’s actual dispersion reduced.

Thank you for the details.

It might also be worth noting that the game DOES seem to keep track of fractional dispersion changes.