Need help understanding firearm Accuracy, Inaccuracy and Dispersion

version 0.71 Windows stable build

On the main firearms page, weapons have an “accuracy” stat with the explanation of: Accuracy is in quarter-degrees, and measures the maximum this weapon will contribute to the angle of difference. Unlike in-game values high acc is bad here.

On individual weapon pages there is not accuracy stat but there is an “inaccuracy” stat.

The in game description of weapons has neither of these stats but instead has a “Dispersion” rating. Also when comparing two weapons (Shift I) it is indicated that a higher Dispersion is better but I thought I read somewhere else that a lower Dispersion was better.

Can anyone shed light on this?

Example: S&W 22A
wiki: accuracy 25
wiki: inaccuracy 25
.71 build: Dispersion 17[/pre]

When comparing, the green numbers just mean that number is higher than on the other item. In the case of something like dispersion, a lower number would be better.

Anyway, sounds like the wiki hasn’t been updated yet.

Hrm, it seems there are a few places that still display “accuracy”, which is 100 - dispersion to make it a “bigger is better” value. Those should probably be replaced by “dispersion” values for consistency.

Dispersion is what everything uses now, and is quarter-degrees of inaccuraccy added by that component.
The dispersion for the gun and its ammo is added together. This is actually how its always been, but it got flipped around to “accuracy” for display to try and make it more understandable. But with the addition of modding, having it displayed differently in the mod files and in the game just makes it more likely to be confusing, so we flipped everything around to “dispersion”, but it seems we missed a few spots.

Cool. I will just go by the in-game description with the understanding that the lower the Dispersion the better. Thanks!