Start date of 1 equals First Day of the year, as in January 1st?

What day if the year is Spring, Day 1? I mean, it can’t be Jan 1st, because that’s not spring, so what the fuck is it?

If I’m not misunderstanding you its the first day after the cataclysm. Only been back a little while, so I may be a little off, but you can adjust the day the Cataclysm started, and how soon after that you are spawning into the game. The only things this effects are time of year you start, and how far the world has evolved including zombies and food rot.


It is the first day of spring season.

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Right — it’s “day 1” of either the cataclysm itself, or of the sprint season itself. Not January 1.

In America, the spring equinox is around March 22nd and is the first day of Spring.