Hi there,

just noticed that when i change the tool quality from “level”:1 to “level”:2 it changes the needed amount of tools required instead of the tool quality, and changing the amount affects the tool quality needed. Is this intentional? I always thought “level” changes the tool quality needed.

This is the part what i mean:


*Edit: It would be nice if this could be moved to the code help board. Seems that like i have posted this in the wrong place. Sorry.

Anyway, found out that changing quality requirements for recipes doesn’t do anything . It shows up in the crafting menu that a certain quality is needed( lets say “2”) but you can still craft the item with a quality of “1” .

in this case i changed the required quality for the pointy_stick recipe to “2”(just for testing), but was still able craft it with a pocket knife which has a quality of “1”.

Is it possible to have different quality requirements atm or am i missing something.