Stalker/Metro style Anomalies

Artifacts are present in the game, and I know the electric ones would fit into this categories, but about whole regions or specified single overworld maptile that have bizzarre effects.

We see the piercing lights that also would count. The effects would presumably range from more arcs of lightning to aesthetic nosebleeds to speed lose to hallucinations and acid rain over an area.

They could affect specific structure types or even encourage the addition of factories.

Oh god, I can just see it now.
Approaching a closed door as a survivor and hearing something on the other side.
“From the north you hear whump!”
“From the north you hear ‘A nuu, cheeki breeki iv damke!’”
“From the north you hear crunch”
“The mi-go hits you in the head for 15 damage!”
“View the last moments of your life? (y/n)”