~Stable enough~ Experimentals listing

So, couple of times I’ve run into stuff like having to search for a experimental build that will start. I am currently running through a WINE setup I don’t yet trust as much as previous ones so I can’t be entirely sure if/when builds -not working- for me are true for others. In the past it has held same results, but again, slightly different setup now

Pretty sure I and others have made threads like this before… but I can’t find them with minimal effort, so now heres this one for quick/easy reference. Will try to keep up with this one for future reference :slight_smile:



  1. Stop by and post ~stable~ build numbers/ Bad experimentals builds to avoid; whenever you’ve tried one.

I’ll try to keep a hopefully slightly less than totally vague list based on that.

Hopefully we can get something approaching a proper tracking of working/not working builds to be noted for various reasons be it playing ~stable~ builds or tracking broken builds for fixing elsewhere.

Confirmed ~Status~

Unconfirmed Status


C-8334 - Working
C-8331 - Broken


hmm one of these days Im going to actually look at a reddit post and figure out how anyone gets any actual information they are looking for out of it. Day isn’t here yet.

Whenever I skip on over to reddit. I often find a jumbled mess of random posts from political to what they had for breakfast. Unless you have a very specific subreddit you know has some sanity to it. I suggest avoiding that arena :wink:

You Reddit allergy has nothing to do with pick-a-build.