Pick A Build #1 -- week of October 19, 2018

TL;DR: https://redd.it/9pi6oz

Hello, everyone, and welcome to the first ever pick-a-build!


From previous discussions, community members have expressed a desire to have a longer-term archive of past experimental builds. To keep the cost of that archive down, I’m going to try using the jenkins-promoted folder to keep a specific build each week that community members agree is the least unstable.

In theory, the builds for this archive should stick around for at least a year, so I need help choosing – because I can’t play every build each week. This is where you come in.


I’ve created a Reddit thread for the discussion; I will review responses here, as well, but if you have/are willing to make a Reddit account, please do prefer it.

Otherwise (and the rest of this is copypasta), what I really want is for all of you to comment about the builds this week – i.e., since build 8041:

  • which builds did you play?
  • where ones were unstable, and in what way?
  • if you’ve also tried the latest build (8063), is that more or less broken than the older ones you tried?

After a discussion period (likely on Sunday evening/Monday morning for me – it’s currently mid-day Friday), I’ll try to pick one of the builds to be promoted, and update the OP here.

If I can’t pick on my own, I’ll put up some kind of vote, but my basic rule is that a more recent build will be preferred (so between 8057 and 8049, I’ll more likely pick 8057).

If I don’t get feedback, I’ll assume all the builds this week have been absolutely fine and pick the very latest (so 8063).

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After taking some feedback, pick a build #1 is completed – build 8063 (the last of the week, and also one of the first Halloween-themed builds) is the promoted one.

Here are the direct download links:

Platform Curses Tiles
Android N/A Android Tiles
Linux 64-bit Linux64 Curses Linux64 Tiles
Windows 32-bit Win32 Curses Win32 Tiles
Windows 64-bit Win64 Curses Win64 Tiles
OSX OSX Curses OSX Tiles

You can also review the directory listings at https://dev.narc.ro/cataclysm/jenkins-promoted/?C=N;O=A.

Please, don’t forget to notify me if you discover the promoted build is unstable! This is most useful if the other builds for this week haven’t timed out yet from the automatic listings at https://dev.narc.ro/cataclysm/jenkins-latest/?C=N;O=A – so I can promote a most stable build in its place.

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