Sproglodyte? Ankle Biter? Um, what?

–Hmm, recently spotted a sproglodyte, and judging from the description, it seems like it would be rather scary. I have yet to meet one before, which seems rather foreign to me, since I saw it in a city, and I’ve been in those plenty of times. As far as I know, I don’t have any mods that would add that.
–Similar case with the ankle biter. Is it a school-only zombie? I was nearby one when I found it. I know it isn’t too deadly, but it is still strangely new to me.

You start a lot of threads. No judgement, just pointing it out.

I believe that the ankle-biter is an evolution of students. Early game, they’d all be students, as time progresses they become bigger things. This is true for many of the enemies.

That’s my understanding, anyway. No idea about a sproglodyte, at least not by name. I might recognize them in my tileset, though.

EDIT: It took me all of five seconds to find about those two creatures. I’m not sure if they’re the ‘evolution’ I thought they were, but I learned all about them with a quick google search.

Differences in real people. Differences in um…not real zoms =)

Those appear to be the zombie child equivalent of the special zeds. As such they will usually only spawn where you normally find children, such as schools, and possibly public parks and whatnot. This also means that killing one of them drops a morale penalty on you unless you take or get Psychopath. I don’t know if it’s still a thing, but in the past, you stopped getting morale penalties after killing so many zombie children. The text log would say, “After killing so many bloody zombie children you no longer care about their deaths”, or something to that effect.

The ones I’ve seen so far:

Howling Waif. The child equivalent of a skeleton, I believe.

Shriekling. The child equivalent of a shrieker. Shrieks, obviously.

Ankle Biter. I’m actually not sure about this one. I’ve seen a few of them but I can’t tell from their behavior what they are supposed to be child versions of.

Sproglodyte. The child equivalent of a Feral Hunter. They can lunge just like the Feral Hunters.

Snotgobbler. The child equivalent of a boomer. Notably different in that it does not appear to have the bile spray attack that a full-size boomer has, but will still explode loudly and leave you bile covered when killed.

Zombie Scrapper. The quintessential evolved zombie child. More powerful but still not much of a threat to a decently armored survivor.

Zombie Reaver. The next evolution of a zombie scrapper I believe, and I’ve only encountered them about 25-40 days in. Sounds terrifying, but it isn’t really all that difficult. Basically just a faster, harder to hit zombie soldier. These seem to have a high enough damage output to deal some through full Leather Armor, so only take them on in melee if you are using something you have more than 0 skill in.

Zombie Kinderling. The child equivalent of a scorched zombie. Like their adult versions, they may have attacks that can set you on fire, so avoid melee with them if you do find them.

I have yet to encounter an acid variant of zombie child.

Do note that some of these may be unique to mods, so you might not encounter them. Also, despite being more rare they are, in my experience, less of a threat than their adult counterparts, having less HP, fewer special attacks, and less damage output ability.

I believe anklebiters are the child version of grabbers.

–No, they are stereotypical dwarf zombies! Dwarves aren’t actually ankle biters, but some people still call them that.

OMG, someone should make burrowing zombies!

Ou i like that, ill probably try it out when i get home.