Spotted goose--safe mode is on!

Seriously? I should be afraid of goose?

Peace was never an option.

As for whether you should be afraid of them, probably not, though I think can can go hostile.

think of it less as a ‘ooh look at that scary non-hostile creature!’ and more of a ‘your survivalist is on edge and spooked by almost anything’

… geese are aggro as fuck though irl.

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Anything that has a tendency to go hostile if you close in on will trigger the safe mode, this is intentional and not a bug.
If you don’t want it to do that, you can refine the settings in the Safe Mode Manager for neutral mobs or create exemptions.

… geese are aggro as fuck though irl

Geese are dicks. They’ll hiss at you and chase you just for looking at them the wrong way.

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The correct answer is yes.

Where I am geese are protected. Would be an interesting twist if you went to kill one and a police bot tear gassed ya!

REMOVE HONK remove honk


Maybe not quite afraid of being outright killed by them, but, well… you better watch out for your stuff while they are around

Geese are eeeebilll!!!

Haven’t seen any giant or zombified geese ingame, i don’t remember if that is a thing or not.

IIRC a certain minimum of bodymass is required for the blob to take over and zombify. That’s why the smallest z-creatures we have are kids and dogs, anything below doesn’t get revived.

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*cough* mass of zombie spiders *cough*

pretty sure they’re hiveminding it in that case, note that its never one spider, always a mass of them writhing together. and its pretty rare, i’ve never seen one.

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Maybe its luck, maybe it maybelline? But I’ve squished 3 on my doom cycle. Very satisfying, very crunchy.

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oversized crow: “A horrible bird grown three or four times bigger than ought to be possible and sporting a swollen gut that might look comical if it weren’t for the razor sharp beak and the madness in its beady eyes.”

With latest updates, all previous blob lore is kinda void, and if there was an update which explains this I’ve totally missed it.