Spooky title screen

just updated to newest experimental (lots of change, mostly C++ changes) and i got surprised by this :

i guess today’s halloween gonna be cataclysmic.


It is spooktember :hushed:

Dreadautumn actually.

spooky days for slaying zombies and making bases XD

Hi! i like the new title screen as well! however on android, the new update does not hide the status bar. how do you hide it? sorry for off topic

builds here have android status bar not hidden using the arm64-v8a version since the armeabi-v7a crashes too.

on a side note. when the world is finalizing, when it reaches crafting recipe, it needs to wait a good 5-10 minutes to load.

also for newer builds here like the latest, just plain crashes the game

I’d really want to see that spooky title in android, but I guess I’m stuck in the build 9590 :slightly_frowning_face:

im sorry but i never had a chance to try android version, im playing on PC now and i don’t have android phone…

maybe you can ask here : Android Version

well… im sure the update is coming soon.