*SPOILER*! Anyone got it yet?

lol, I searched for its name but couldn’t find it on the forums…

It’s one of the new heatblades. There are several of them, and most have their own humorous text for menu options.

Ooohh man. I gotta make them all now.

AWESOME! Reminds me of the Shishkebab from Fallout 3!

Are they craftable? I found my one on a dead NPC!

Yeah they’re craftable, just get some mechanics skills and they should start showing up IIRC.

Wait, for me it’s the fabrication skill…


Not completely, actually. Yes, the governing skill is mechanics, but fabrication can be involved.

There’s five actually, along with one Heatclub, which is basically just a regular torch made from a baseball bat instead of a wimpy stick. Here’s the list:
Shishkebab - built from the makeshift machete
No. 9 - built from the regular machete
Firebrand - built from the broadsword
Rising Sun - built from the katana
Flammenschwert - built from the zweihander (which I made specifically so I could make a Heatblades version of it)
Louisville Slaughterer - the Heatclub, built from a baseball bat

They all require 5 skill in mechanics, and each has it’s own “theme” for menu text (except the No.9, I couldn’t think of any fitting quotes from him to use, I gotta go back and play PE2 again). I hope people have fun using these, it took a while to make them all, especially the menu text.

Fireband is my best companion so far. I lit it on fire during a nightly raid and forgot that it works like a flashlight, too. about 10 Zs immediately saw me and I thought it was over but I just burnded through the green crowd! Lots of fun. I will try to collect all of them(I can already make the shikshebab) just to read the different texts :3

good work

It’s really cool to hear people like my additions, thank you! Hope you try the Shishkebab soon, it’s not the most effective battle-wise, but it probably has the funniest menu text (although I am proud of the job I did on the firebrand too). PS - the “Run Away!” Message from the firebrand is taken from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. If you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend you do so, it makes using the firebrand 300% more hysterical.

Do they have different stats depending on what type of blade was used to create it?

I could see this being kind-of a pain if someone else wanted to modify or update it and there’s several different entries for what is essentially the same weapon. Not to be a party pooper, just the CS student in me being stringent.

On a more fun note:

Is the No.9 a reference to that weird commando guy with the flaming sword for Parasite Eve 2?

Man it’s been ages since I played that. I wish third birthday was better.

Yes, they are completely different items. I’m fairly certain they still call the same iuse function though, which is really the only code that would be duplicated between them.

If they’re different stats then disregard my comment. I wasn’t sure if this was a case of 5-6 new weapons with a simliar theme or two new weapons, one of which had five different names for flavor.

I have to say, when someone first proposed adding flaming swords like the fallout shishkebab I was like “hello no, that’s stupid as fuck”. And I think, had most others implemented them, it would have been.

But these? These are glorious.

Thanks GlyphGryph, that means a lot coming from a major coder like you! I really did try to put a lot of thought into these so they’d be useful, entertaining, and not overpowered or too similar. I didn’t want these to be just one more thing to smack zeds with, i wanted them to be genuinely useful, multi-purpose tools (if anything, the zed-smacking potential is just a bonus). That’s actually why I did the unique menu text for each one, to help set them apart from each other.

An0n - The stats for each one are directly based on the stats of the weapons they’re made from. Specifically, the weight is the weapon’s original weight plus the weight of the spray can flamethrower used to make them, and they do 20% more damage when active then their normal counterparts. BTW good catch, the No. 9 is a reference to the guy from PE2, but I couldn’t think of any quotes from him to use as text in the menus, so I ended up just using generic text for it.

i2amroy - Actually each Heatblade has two unique iuse functions and two unique items; one for the inactive state and one for the active one. I originally tried to have just a pair of universal iuse functions, but it was too difficult to make the active-inactive switching work. The code would have to look at which item was calling it, determine which item was that one’s counterpart, and switch to the appropriate item, which almost immediately turned into a massive headache. I also realized I wanted unique menu text for each one, which would have made it ten times worse. So I just decided to give every item it’s own iuse, and hope I didn’t get yelled at for cluttering up iuse.cpp too much :). Fun fact: about 80% of the coding for these is actually just copied from the chainsaw.