Spike or Blade for Vehicle

  • Spike
    Durability: 250, Damage: 300, Weight: 1.2
    Made with 5 scrape metal and hammering 1 (rock hammer).

  • Blade
    Durability 200, Damage: 250, Weight: 1.2
    Made with 3 scrape metal, anvil, hammer, chisel, tongs …

  • Comparison
    Getting a blade is more difficult than getting a spike.
    What is the point of using blade??

Does blade hit much harder if it hits the monster at the correct direction?

I don’t think so. The only reason I can see for using the blade is that you can get them by disassembling lawnmowers, machetes, stuff like that. That’s arguably rarer than spikes but meh.

If you want some real damage, rams or spiked plating is probably the way to go.

I want safe hit-and-run. Repair often is ok because I have rock forge and all the tools.
I am not using any mods and don’t see rams.
Maybe I will give spiked plating a try.

Can I install several layers of spiked plating?
The game doesn’t let me install two layers of blades.

Rams are from the vehicle expansion pack. If you just want to be able to hit as many things as possible, put an extra layer of heavy duty frames on the front of your vehicle, then cover them in military composite armor and heavy duty quarterpanels. That should give it the maximum durability. If you want pure damage, you want the steel rollers which may or may not also be from the vehicle expansion pack.

You can only have one layer of armor plating.

Roller drums are found in the vanilla game.

A blade is more effective if it laying down like this ---------- on the side but I’m not sure if it work like that in cata

I’ve spent two weeks irl trying to figure out how to uninstall a roller drum off a paving truck. Still haven’t managed to do it.

Isn’t a boom crane sufficient jacking to get it up and let you get the rollers off?

I’d think so but i’m on an ols experimental.