What’s better super alloy playing it steel plating? Is killing machines the only way to get t also is it worth putting plating all over the vehicle including the wheels?

I believe that super alloy plating provides more protection than steel plating and weighs about half as much less, while hard plating provides more protection than both steel and super alloy plating and weighs about six times as much as super alloy and three times as much as steel.

You can craft both steel and hard plating with 4 mechanics, a welder, and lumps of steel.

It isn’t really isn’t worth it to put armor plating anywhere but the front of your vehicle, as every piece of armor adds significant weight, causing significantly slower acceleration, lower top speed, and worse gas mileage.

Right and what about spiked plating? Also how do I get all these different engines for example hydrogen engines and solar power and the like??

Spiked plating provides similar protection to steel plating, but also causes more damage when striking creatures. You can also craft spiked plating.

You can find some vehicle parts in garages. The rest you can probably find in labs.