Spawning Tents and tent-like structures for prefab buildings in JSON

Hey guys, hopefully this will be a simple fix. I’m working on building a number of prefab camping sites of various states of repair, and i’ve ran into an issue. I can’t quite figure out how to spawn Canvas Flaps, Canvas Walls and Canvas floors(like what the tent creates on use). I’ve checked in the Furnature and Terrain JSON files, and can find no entries for any of the above materials. I’ve also tried tracking down the FEMA camp for examples, but I can’t find it anywhere in the JSON(although it is mentioned in Overmap_specials.json).

Are these materials hard-coded? Where would I find these materials in the source? Can I still reference them, even though they are hardcoded?

Thank you in advance/

FEMA camps are hardcoded, but creating tents as furniture should work.

Canvas sections are in furniture.json. All tent sections have “tent_centers” field specified, you can ctrl+f that.

Awesome, Thank you!

Follow up question, if I may - I’m spawning in human corpses as a feature of the destroyed campsites, however every corpse I spawn in comes up as “human corpse of human corpse”. Any way to spawn just a generic human corpse, like in the science labs?