How do you add a new building using JSON

I’ve been messing around in the experimental builds with the mod manager and I try was trying to add a new building. I have made a JSON file that has the building layout and all that stuff in it and I have added it in the regional_map_settings.JSON under “shops” but It does not seem to be spawning in the world. So is that something that is not possible at the moment or am i just doing something wrong and could you explain how to add a building if it is possible?

Let’s do some troubleshooting, first were you able to get the hot dog stand in the test_region file to spawn? If not that might either be broken (not too likely though) or you aren’t setting something up right, like the test region option.
Second, once you add your stuff, are there any debug messages it prints when you start up the game?

I couldn’t find any mention of a hot dog stand in the test_region file and I have not seen any spawn either. I also do not get any debug messages when i start up the game the only errors I was getting was about a missing separator in my file but after i fixed that no more debug messages showed up.