Sound indicator/bar

It could be useful to know how much noise you are producing during your activities. I know that a gun shot is louder than breaking a glass ( or at least i suspect so), but is it louder than a car engine? Does welding produce any noise? You get my drift :slight_smile:
A small indicator, something like the health bars or with values like low/high and something in-between … well, i’d like that.

Ooh, that’s a good idea :). Putting that on the to-do list!

I think that would be a great idea, sort of like DayZ has it, with walking, running etc. But one question for you, does this indicator just give your noise, when you break a window, or does it give overall noise, when Zs break windows?

Sound bar would be great! I never know just how much sound breaking a window makes :confused: Now I try to be as quiet as possible but having a little bar would be awesome :smiley: