Some questions

  1. how do you keep from getting lost in a science lab? I have night vision and a bring a flashlight or two. turn on and off. in some games with coins you can drop some to find your way back. there is no functional underground map. the flashing N with up is a little helpful.

  2. how far into science labs do i need to find the end area? is it loaded with turrets? I started a new world, so if i see a turret, i close the door. just grabbing stuff in safe rooms. good place to get water and some other general items. some purifier and got 1 mutagen, but nothing special.

  3. how long does it take for a house to catch fire? I saw a tip for clearing out zombies is to drop a radio in a house. then set it fire to catch zombies. will they keep coming in? can i just catch fire and go away and zombies will die off screen?

  1. I tend to use empty plastic bottles for the way-marker role. If you do your exploring hungry, eating the chips & drinking the sodas as you go, those’ll help too.

  2. Depends on the lab. I’ve had a few sprawling multi-floor labs and one or two where the finale was one square off the first downstair. One thing to know: the finale is always on the bottom floor, so if you’re just looking for the finale and you see a darker L on the map, find & use its downstair rather than searching that floor further. You’ll know the finale when you find it.

  3. Depends on how you set the fire, but you can’t go too far (I’d stay within 3-4 map tiles of the house). Things only happen within a certain radius of your character, so if you travel too far it’ll go on hold and anyone damaged will get a health refill.

i have a stack of 195 arrows. i dont want to carry that many. how do i pick up a smaller number of them?

To drop part of a stack, press a number before hitting the corresponding key for that stack.

For example, if you had 195 arrows with letter ‘f’ and wanted to hold only 50: press “d145f”

You can’t pick up a smaller number, but you can pick them all up and drop a smaller number; d ; so if your arrows are A; d A 135

That’ll drop 135 arrows, leaving you with 60.

I guess this can be general questions thread.

I have one question, I went into a Garage and I found the RV Kitchen unit. I tried picking it up and it’s huge and the game tells me it is too heavy to pick up. So I was wondering, how am I supposed to be able to install that into a vehicle if I can’t even lift it? Am I supposed to have crazy strength or the power of the spess kraken?

You are lifting a kitchen it should be heavy… I recommend crafting it onto whatever you want from where it is. (just need to stand near it to use it)
Alternatively hydraulic mussels should let you lift it and have weight to spare. At least for a little while.

  1. are plastic bags and aluminum cans still useless? I used to use the aluminum cans and plastic bags still uselesS? I used to use plastic bags to light fires. I had no use for aluminum cans?
  2. is there a way to start a fire with materials harvested in woods? such as sinew and wood? or do i have to have matchbook or lighter? these are very common. just asking.
  3. anyway to make fire safely inside without a stove? metal tanks are not that common and I have yet to find a welder.
  4. so going into town is really dangerous with static spawns. I have bows to 5 which gives me headshots. So I can take out most stuff (including cops) other thank skeletons and zombie brutes. What kind of fire power do I need to take on brutes? do i have to just get lucky and hope i find it in the wilderness?
  5. what is a good early game way to take out a turret so i can get to a military bunker? I found an m72 Law and took one out to get to a science lab. but it had 1 shot. can i go through a bunker wihth a bow at level 5? my dodge is really low?
  6. what is a good way to train sewing? I dont have a sewing book and I just destroyed my winter coat.
  7. does a rollmat keep you warm to make it easier to sleep? Lost my winter coat due to sewing. so sleeping could be a problem.
  8. what level skills do i need to make a stone pot? I don’t see it on the wiki.
  9. found C4. Not sure what to do with it. do i use it to blow open some door that I can’t open by hacking? not sure if its useful as a weapon.
  10. how do you safely pick mutated poppies?
  1. Aluminum cans can be used (you’ll need lemon/ammonia & a butter knife or somesuch) to make Batteries. Or you can drop them to mark places.
  2. No Flint or Bow&Drill yet, I believe.
  3. Brazier seems to be the go-to thing but I’ve not played those versions.
  4. Brutes & their upgraded version, Hulks, tend to justify .45ACP, minimum, from what I’ve read from ranged folks. Melee types definitely look for favorable terrain. Hulks still pose a threat to my 02Feb combat monster…and he can handle swamp critters just fine.
  5. Get about 20 or so Rocks, approach at night so it doesn’t see you, stop about 6-7 tiles away, make sure there’s no chain-fence or similar in the way, and start throwing. (If you’ve got a reasonable Throwing skill, you can probably get away with 5-6 or so.)
  6. Reinforce/fit random clothing you find lying around.
  7. I’d recommend turning off temperature effects entirely: no other critters have to deal with them. But to answer your question, yeah, a rollmat is supposed to help, but it won’t do much good by itself.
  8. Should be a point or two of Survival??
  9. Find an annoying wall or major baddie and blast it. Once you get in the military bunker (use a card on the front door, trust me), TNT was enough to open two of the chambers using one charge. C4 ought to do the same.
  10. I’d go with a filter/gas mask, but haven’t tried that personally so no promises.
  1. If you can find/craft a couple, EMP grenades are the bomb for taking out turrets.
  2. C4 is best used for breaking into bank vaults.
  3. Unfortunately, in the current version, mutated poppies cannot safely be picked. This is something that is being looked into, and will be rectified, but as of right now, no safe way.

My question what skills do I need to make a EMP grenade?

Electronics 4

Electronics 4[/quote] Ok thanks

one question - material of the wearable item uses only for interacting with sewing kit or for other things too? like calculating durability and so on

Materials are used for various things, but it’s not used for durability.

I’ve got a question too, thought I’d drop it in this thread. I managed to build a bicycle and slap on 4 boxes/trunks for storage, but the damn contraption refuses to accelerate over 8 km/h. I suspect walking might even be faster. Is that a result of the foot crank being unable to power so much mass? And is there any way I could make it go faster?

Well, the foot crank is just that; the thing on a bicycle. Try riding a bike with half of a flatbed’s trunk on the back IRL and go faster than that.

malfunction bionics from Android trait - bug or not? didn’t take Android for a while, but before it always gave properly installed ones

What the hell are skewers and heat packs for?

Also, how do I make a roof?

skewers are for burning, heat packs are for heating food.

Building of roofs can be found in the construction menu (default ‘*’).