Some Old Basement Designs/Redesigns

Here are some links to some old basement designs of mine. I couldn’t seem to get them to work. Something to do with linting. The goal was to add more diversity to the basements of the game.

If someone wants to help move forward with these I’d appreciate the help. I couldn’t figure out how linting works :confused:

Note: As a side note for this one, the flooded basement version of the above basement wasn’t seen too favorably.

What errors are you getting when linting?
I ran the first one through,, and it seemed to work.


It’s been a long time. If I recall correctly I couldn’t perform linting at all even though I was requested to do so.

Took me a but to find that page and figure out what linting was when I tried submitting stuff, but your first one ran, so try them again see if it works.
Far as I know it is just changing the formatting to be consistent (but I am far from an expert on git) like where you have },{ on one line, they want it to be
that page should sort it for you.

the separator seems wrong there… or just me?

i saw one of those separator is shaped like this :

it should be shaped like this :

I put this together from your data, it loads ok. I’ll jack up the weights and see if they spawn. I don’t think I need to add anything else to have these show up, right?

edit: ran it all through the linter, it made a few formatting changes. all good now.

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Look great! Thank you very much!

I appreciate the help with this. I’m sure hand holding is frowned upon but sometimes I just get stuck in a mental rut and I can’t figure it out on my own.

make a pull request when you can, this would be excellent in the base-game!