Kitchen Unit and solar panel durability

How can you keep them protected? It seems zombies can walk through cars and smash up RV units at least, and steel plating won’t protect them. What should be done to protect stuff like that? Are there ‘barricade’ units you can install, as it seems the plating can be walked over and doesn’t really form a barrier

Boards block enemy movement, They are built like frames but require plating.
I don’t think there is any other way to protect components that break easily, I ran over a shrub and broke every solar panel in my car last time I used them.

If you put a RV unit inside with the steel plates outside of it, that can help though it has low durability and can still be easily destroyed. Also you can consider removing it when you don’t need it, can’t break if it’s not part of your car.

what kitchen unit? is this new? I never crafted one of these.

Not particularly new. They are pretty handy.