Solar cars and "isolated sci-fi elements"

If it comes down to it, we can have mapgen start placing “flowing water” vs “still water” squares since it knows what’s a river vs lake vs swamp, so yea water wheels are doable.


So again, I have to ask whether this would be a vehicle based thing or construction. If construction, how would we actually go about transferring power to a vehicle where we can use it?

I’m not even sure how to get that thing to work, to be honest…

How isolated are the 2-3 cars in each city that are running with minireactors fueled by plutonium?

Most of the time I don’t find any at all, when I do they all seem clustered in one city. Maybe the area was where they were testing them.

–It makes sense to me people would use solar powered cars. The environment matters! However, is it thematic that there would be many people who care massively about keeping nature alive?

I’ve never found one. Occasionally I’ve found an atomic tank with the Extra Vehicles mod, but mods aren’t main content so I don’t think that matters…

It counts as an alternator. Just attach it to an engine and it will eat engine power and give you electricity.

I’ve seen a couple of those, but I think they’re fairly balanced by the difficulty of finding plutonium cells early game when it would be useful, as opposed to late game where you have a dozen upgraded solar panels and electricity is your bitch.

Does the engine need to be on? I’m trying to make a portable generator to plug myself into.

Yeah. Once the engine is running it should generate power for the vehicle.