So what is this cataclysm dda++ thing

it’s a mod I hear about related to something called an unknown lab any information?

There is a mod with something called an Unknown Bunker which holds a boss monster called Apophis and the mod its from is the Cata++ mod I believe

thanks erm I’ll look into it, but what is this cataclysm dda mod like features wise?

It adds a bunch of extra items, monsters, locations, etc, but i would recommend Malkeus’ version of the mod as he has updated it recently. Some people consider it easier to play the game with this mod (which they don’t like) on account of some of its high tier items are really good but for me its offset by the dangers the mod adds like the boss who can use a FUSION BLASTER ARM willy nilly at you.

Can it see invisible things? Because I’ve got an artifact that passively makes me invisible.

I could just sit there invisible while wearing power armor, and shoot it in the face with AP rounds from a Barrett .50 rifle until it falls over.

ok well I’ll stick to the base game till I get the hang of things I recently figured out that tailor is a great starting profession on account of all the crafting it lets you do.

Can confirm it can’t see invisible things as I tested this by punching it in the face BUT it can smell so unless you got something that will mask that he will follow the scent and attack

Doesn’t the scent mask cbm completely eliminate your smell?

Yes it’s why I was able to get near him to punch him

What about sound? My cloaking artifact has an unfortunate drawback…it makes a rattling noise every time I move. Now this is just fine for turrets, but I have no idea how it will affect other things. I haven’t had a chance to use it much yet.

Will enemies attack the space where you are standing if they can’t see you, but can hear or smell you? What about shooting?

Yes very much. so I laugh every-time I set a bear trap 9 and yell on the other side to get a zombie to come over it

Zombie and other creatures WILL follow both scent trails AND noises but don’t think if your invisible they can’t hurt you, if your too close to them they will attack randomly because your in the tile they were trying to get to. Special zombies such as a hulk can’t use their special moves as they can’t see you but can use basic attacks