Small power substaion

Does this new building mean that we are getting electricity?

But who would be delivering electricity to the power substation then? All electricity generating buildings, powerplants, damms etc. should be offline in CDDA.

I guess its just a flavour building, or well i hope so. Maybe a great early shelter.

Finding infinitivy electricity sounds a bit easy

Hydroelectric turbines don’t much care if someone is there to monitor them. Water flows, turbine does its job, power is produced. Now as for repairs it could be problematic, but hey, that’s the future. This is cata. Chances are we won’t be surviving long enough to worry about replacing worn bearings and bushings.

Actually pretty much all the hydroelectric power plants in the East coast are set to automatically shut down if they go unmonitored for a couple of days (since they are small enough to have problems if horrible things start to happen). Same with wind power as well. If you want to find the dams that will go for decades without maintenance you want to look farther west, to places like the Hoover Dam.

That said yeah, it’s just flavor at the moment.

It’s purely flavor as of now. I made them because I thought it was kind of strange for there to be a complete lack of any power distribution in the game.