Power Plants

I have a decent idea on some new buildings.
Wind Turbines: Make wind for quite some time, generates energy until you either:

  1. Deactivate the control center. (For some unknown reason)
  2. They get destroyed. (Triffids, Hulks, You)
    Solar Panels : Makes more power, usually for larger towers, destroyed through:
  3. Deactivate the control center. (I don’t know why you would do this)
  4. Again, if a certain amount of panels are destroyed, it shuts down.)
    Nuclear Reactors: Generate the most power for big cities, especially ones with apartments and offices.
    They can be destroyed through:
  5. Deactivate the control center. (Possible reason for doing this, as…)
  6. Left alone for 1 week. (After the backup power runs out without anyone looking after it, all of the reactors explode in around the size of a mininuke. Taking care of the reactors will avoid this.)
    After it’s been destroyed through being left alone, radiation will spread for 500 blocks of diameter, which will sometimes give you Mildly Radioactive or harm you, even heal you if your radioactivity output is high enough.
    What do you think?

We’ve been over this repeatedly.

Power-gen is likely to be a questy sort of thing done for a Faction that has the personnel to look after the grid. The power grid itself would be abstracted to “X facility is operational as a result of Y quest, therefore locations D, E, and G have power” or similar.

I’d be interested in perhaps using a solar panel/turbine for charging cars. Kind of silly we can put solar panels and storage panels on cars, but if we want something stationary we have to have an undriveable car. I don’t even know if batteries retain charge when removed from a frame.