Slow sleeping time

for one or another reason, it takes an awful lot of time each time a put my char to sleep. Also the game kinda freezes, i seem to remember some time ago , while sleeping, the game sped up and ran nicely. It’s not game breaking, but annoying nevertheless. I run the experimental tiles version (one of them, anyway :P).

It’s the same for me too. I kind of liked seeing what goes on while I sleep, but I guess this way makes more sense.

i am unsure whether this is an intended feature or simply a consequenz of performance drop due to whatever.
Another reason for me to play with 0.1 item spawn is the bettter performance .

There is a quite long thread about it in the bug report forum.

thanks, i found the thread :

it seems that a temporary solution is to move things/items to another z-level, before the bug is found and fixed. Or just live shorter :smiley:

Yes, i have a base that is 4 z-levels deep, partially because of that.