Slingshot cannon doesn't consume ammo when shot

So I was tinkering with my mini RV and I wanted to make sure my mounted slingshot cannon was working so I went drove to the nearest town, loaded the cannon with 10 lead balls, and shot down a zombie but after clearly seeing the zombie die and leave a corpse there is still 10 lead balls in the cannon. Happened a couple of time already where shooting the cannon doesn’t use up the ammo.
Playing EXP 0.C-12730.

By any chance do you have a stone rack installed and loaded? Vehicle weapons always take ammo from installed ammo racks before using anything loaded in the hopper.

Nope, the cannon is over a military seat.

Ammo racks take effect no matter where it is on the vehicle; as long as it’s loaded and installed it’ll work.

Other than that, I have no idea. I’ve tested it with May 12’s experimental, so it was either a recent change to the experimental or a mistake on your end.