--Skynet Theory

(Yes, I’ve heard that they stopped calling it Skynet as of the latest movie. I’ve also heard that no real Terminator movies have been made since 1991. I know which theory I prefer.)

Of all the baddies in the cataclysm, the robots are probably the most powerful. High hit points, destructive weapons, pretty-much impervious to zombies until they run out of bullets (which they inevitably do, because no amount of gunfire can match the pulping ability of a few whacks from a crowbar). Humanity would probably have a much easier time in our fight against the Blob, the hellspawn, the mushrooms and the flowers, if only our Terminators hadn’t turned on us.

From one of the in-game newspapers:

INVADERS NOT HUMAN?: An earlier command by the Police Chief has backfired. “The invaders don’t register as human. The securibots turned on us when we tried to fight them. We don’t have enough people left to reprogram them.”

Well, that’s some pretty bad programming. Nay, that is inexcusably god-awful programming. Robot kills humans when robot sees human fighting non-human? Was the robot uprising inevitable the moment one of them saw a rabid dog put down, or wandered into a slaughterhouse? And in all the robot-defended installations, not a single programmer lived long enough to turn them off or to make them only target non-humans when they realized what was happening? That seems… hard to believe.

What if it’s more than bad programming?

What if the robots are being INSTRUCTED to kill everything by some unseen, malevolent entity?

Skynet becomes self-aware. Blob makes contact with Skynet, Blob convinces Skynet to soften up the meatbags in the opening hours and days of the Cataclysm, but then something happens to cause Skynet to attack living and blobbed meatbags alike. Some kind of falling-out between Blob and Skynet.

Makes about as much sense as anything else…

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Damn, having the lore increased for one more big faction with a background like that would be good, maybe adding something like the chrono trigger plot of the AI processing humans as biomatter to make more robots and the things to keep working. So that would be the reason they turned on the blob, a dimension full of biomass to keep increasing the robot faction, adding the spawn of secret factories processing humans and zombies and the like, where the main enemies are robots.


You will be assimilated. :stuck_out_tongue:

Steven King wrote an interesting interplay between zombies and (what might have been) AI in his 2006 novel, “Cell”. The novel itself was mediocre at best, but the premise of cell phones triggering a zombie apocalypse (implying that they haven’t already triggered a zombie apocalypse) is one of few that I find to be both somewhat-believable and legitimately terrifying.

Too many bionics should let you join the robots faction.

Would be interesting ngl.

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I think that’s supposed to read “the invaders register as human.”

What if the aliens were created by (ancient) humans and thus get registered as humans? :thinking:

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I’m not saying it was humans…


What if the humans are aliens?

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“I’m not saying it’s aliens…”?

Well, as amusing as this was, I think I might have a simpler explanation.

It could be that either the police chief or the reporter quoting him had their facts wrong? Happens often enough IRL.

Perhaps the last act of the police and military was indeed to program the robots to only attack demons, mushrooms, flowers, and blob-infected humans.

Only problem being… ALL HUMANS are blob-infected humans. And there was no one left to reset or turn them off by time anyone realized.

That’s… that actually makes a lot of sense.