Skill grinding tweak

So this is a small enough change that I could probably fix it for my own copy - but I can’t find where the skill grinding code is kept. I used grepWin to look for “This task is too simple to train your” but didn’t find any matches.

Anywho - I just want it so you still gain skill - but ten times more slowly - while doing tasks that aren’t high enough skill requirement to gain skill at the normal rate. Mostly as a way to get past the ‘recipe gap’ you may encounter while grinding skills up. (I’m currently having trouble getting above Mechanics 11)

If someone could point me at the right file that would be great. :slight_smile:

src/player.cpp in player::practice(); the text you grepped for is on line 10399 of my version of the file so I don’t know what’s wrong with your grep command.

$ git grep -n "This task is too simple to train your" src
src/player.cpp:10399:            add_msg( m_info, _( "This task is too simple to train your %s beyond %d." ),

It’s usually user error. :wink: That said, I still don’t know what I’m doing wrong. But thanks for the help! (And I guess I’ll try another grep utility just in case).

Unless you’re using notepad(++)? to edit the code, I suggest using the “search in project folder” of your chosen editor. All editors have an option similar to this one, and you won’t have to leave the IDE :slight_smile:

If you’re planning to write code, you should go ahead and get git gui for windows and learn to use the command line version of git. It’s not that hard for common tasks and it’s very flexible and powerful.

Eh, I don’t really have the energy to do more than tweak the odd bit. Health reasons. :frowning:

P.S. Totally was using Notepad++

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Ok, even there, Notepad++ has a files search feature I never used but exists: