My friends told me to mod a skateboard into the game, so I did. It’s a neat little thing.

(I know it says that the top speed is 43, but it is actually closer to 26)

There are no recipes for the parts yet, but I could probably write them up real quick. My biggest issue is with picking it back up. In order to turn it back into an item you have to “fold” it up. Unfortunately, the end product turns out like this:

This isn’t really an issue as far as functionality goes, as it is still the same size and weight as before. The only real differences are that “unfolding” it from its “folded” state takes considerably longer than using the item, and it no longer has its 15 points of bash damage. As far as I can tell, the only way to change this would be to edit the source code and fiddle with the special snowflake bit that makes the folding bikes work (or probably something more elegant than that), which is just a bit beyond my skill/knowledge level at the moment. Despite my issues, the thing is quite fun to ride around on. Bearing in mind that I’ve never ridden a skateboard, it feels about right to me. Fits in one tile. Cruising speed is a comfy 13 mph, easily outpacing most undead. Faster than that, and you start to get a bit winded and you’ll fly off when you run into bushes/debris.

What do you guys think? It’s my first time touching code in a few months and it was fun to throw something together like this.

EDIT: If anybody wants to try it out, I made it into a mod that you can install just by unzipping into your data/mods folder. I added a profession that starts with the item (it’s just the default profession with a skateboard) and also included it in “sports” drops. Still no way to craft the item or its parts but you could easily add them in yourself and I’ll probably do it after work today.

EDIT 2: Added recipes

Totally radical, duder! :smiley:

(Seriously, though-- This is a fun little addition.)