Silly zombie dog upgrades

The upgrades for the zombie dogs seem like they could use a bit of work. The current way that this seems to have been done is by combining types of already existing zombies and making dog versions of them. But this courses weird thing to happen like brute and hulk versions of dogs (Barghest and hulking horror) somehow developing the anatomy to throw fully grown man around with equipment on. This is in addition to both of them having less health than a standard zombie dog. The same also goes for the boneplate wolf, how does it develop the anatomy necessary to throw a human around? The worst example might be the description for the hulking horror:

β€œ A four-legged canine body now grotesquely swollen, with arms as wide as a trash can and massive exposed teeth.”

How can a creature be four-legged yet have ARMS. Did it grow new appendages or is something wrong with the discretion?

I suggest that we rework the brute, bone plate and hulk upgrades of the zombie dog by:

  1. Removing the smash ability and giving them the grab and drag ability instead.

  2. Giving the brute and hulk versions more health than the standard zombie dog.

  3. Giving the bone plate version also the bite ability.

  4. Giving their grab ability the same cooldown as the bite ability to simulate them grabbing you with their teeth every time they bite you. (optional)

This would be a direct upgrade for the role that the zombie dog is supposed to play, keep the player busy until the rest of the horde shows up. By making them tougher and much harder to disengage while they actively drag you towards the horde.


Running full speed into a human so they get thrown into the air similar to a bull attack?

But yes, I agree with the supposed changes.

I guess it would be possible for a dog to bite a target and shake it around violently (usual behavior by canis), but that would not throw a person away, but force it to the ground or (if it’s a really strong dog) throw it sideways.

Not only is it weird to have arms on a dog, but also: How does it walk? If these are his front legs, it will have a lot of problems to get his back legs down to the ground. And if they are new grown limbs, it would probably fall over, as the weight distribution would be off by quite a bit.