Silencer totally removes damage from the Nail gun

So yeah. It makes it totally silent. And totally useless. A pain in the ass for nail gun users

I know this is a mechanical issue, but the question to me is: "Who attaches a silencer to a nailgun and how?"
It’s not like they have a rifled barrel, do they now?

Duckt tape?

Now, seriusly, how do I dismount the silencer?

Damn ducks.
Well how about someone figures out how to make a silencer specific to nailguns and we make a … silencer thing… air compressor… for it… or something… that doesn’t reduce damage because a nailgun already barely does enough.

Kill the duck Unload your weapon. Once it’s unloaded the next unload will remove any components installed on it.

Why would you attach a silencer to a nail gun?!, Im prety sure that the thing is near silent on itself, if the old noise mechanics are still in, firing it would create less noise than walking, if Im reading the formula correctly.

Press U two times, once to take out the ammo, twice to remove all gun mods.

Alright, thanks everyone.
And I attached the silencer because I want to try all the attachments. Just cause fun

feature request: sawed-off nailguns.

Well, I WAS going to make a few weapons with new caliber, I will now dedicate my life to a double-barreled, revolver magazine, sawn-off nailgun. With tiger stripes paintjob.