Modded Nail Gun/Nail Gun Mods

what I had in mind:
Makeshift Stock: 2x 2x4, 20 charges of Duct tape (Possibly 8-10 Nails, Tool with Hammering and Wood Cutting 1)
Makeshift Sights: 1 Skewer, 5 Charges of Duct Tape
Either Add Mod locations to it or come up with recipes for it like the Nail Rifle, if Recipes (That might be easier and take Less Work) it could possibly be made in 2 stages, Improved Nail Gun Mk. 1 would be Nail Rifle Minus Pipe and Mk. 2 Would add the Skewer Sight.

Thoughts? Improvements? if enough interest I might attempt to do my First .json Edit and if it’s a success, try to get it added to the game

Sounds good to me. Let me know/send a pm if you have json questions.

Include the sights for free. Their cost is negligible.

Don’t make item stages. Items should generally be as different as possible. Keep number of similar items low.

If you want a next step from nail gun/rifle (nail battle rifle or something), it could be taking off safety limitations to allow burst fire and/or more range/damage and a set of attachment for gun mods.

FYI, folks are getting annoyed with the makeshift-guns.

Dont think its worthwhile considering we have the nail rifle around. (Which has a stock presumably)

We could add a sight slot to it perhaps, but I think its better if we could simply say that it comes with some improvised sight, and give it less sight dispersion than the normal nailgun.

I’d imagine making the nail gun any more accurate or effective in any way, shape, or form wouldn’t make any sense since you shouldn’t be able to be shot, as you find it in game, without being tampered with before using it (unless its an older nail gun, or im missing something obvious) so instead of making the nail gun any better how about something like making the nail rifles somewhat better and requiring it to use modified nails and the emergency o2 tanks to operate, making them a little more valuable to the player, having put more time into it and having its ammunition a little bit trickier to get than just smashing nearby furniture.

As John Candlebury said, it’s already in the game.