Should Pupating Zombies be appearing a few day after a standard start?

I have gathered that they are fairly advanced and should take a little while to appear. Three days after a non evolved start seems a little soon.

While I don’t understand what you mean with “pupating” zombies, the upgrade is based on time and probabilities. This means that any single zombie has a 50% probability of having been upgraded after some time, but some zombies will upgrade early and some late. Given the enormous number of zombies in play, yes, you’d expect to find a small number of upgraded zombies very early.

Generally there are always a few upgraded zombies early on as previously stated so really anything is possible. They seem pretty common in my game so they probably aren’t a rare thing.

Wow, these things are T O U G H

It was healing faster than I could lob rocks at it (7-9 damage each with staffsling/every 4s). It took two 88 damage shots from a shotgun to kill it. Based on what I read on that other raptor thread, I quickly pulped it and then drove over it to dissappear the corpse.

they’re meant to explode into flesh raptors before you even get a chance to kill them, but yeh. just pulping the corpse is enough to stop flesh raptors from spawning, and they’re now a LOT more rare than they were when this post was made XD (which is great… cause as this post was made they were everywhere and gunking up the joint.)

Only a certain percentage are set to go ‘boom’. Gives you that feeling of terror and uncertainty which is so enjoyable early game.